Online Parenting for K-5th grade

New lessons will be added each month so be sure to check back for the latest month's lesson!

Click on the topic to view a brief video on the specific topic and follow this up with reading the additional materials.

Our prayer is that these short clips will encourage you in this most important journey of parenting.

  1. Moms & Sons  Additional Materials
  2. The Potential of Saying No  Additional Materials
  3. Disrespectful Speech & Attitude Additional Materials
  4. No Perfect Parent  Additional Materials
  5. Combating Shame Additional Materials
  6. Parenting Yourself Additional Materials
  7. Do I Parent with Shame Additional Materials
  8. Discipline Versus Punishment Additional Materials
  9. Shame versus Guilt  Additional Materials
  10. Handling Frustration, Anger, and Arguments   Additional materials
  11. Conversations through TV & Movies Additional Materials
  12. Respect & Manners  Additional Materials
  13. Helping Around The House  Additional Materials
  14. Infusing God into Everyday Life  Additional Materials
  15. Third Party Additional Materials
  16. Fight Fair  Additional Materials
  17. The Importance of a Childhood Inventory  Additional Materials
  18. 4 Personal God Things to Share with Your Child  Additional Materials
  19. Teaching Your Kids about Mercy   Additional Materials
  20. Scriptures You Can Pray for Your Kids  Additional Materials
  21. What if You Don’t Like Your Child’s Friend  Additional Materials
  22. Establishing Healthy Gaming Boundaries Additional Materials
  23. Helping Your Child Know When Or If To Quit Additional Materials
  24. Preparing for the Teen Years  Additional Materials
  25. Overcoming Failures  Additional Materials
  26. Dealing with Rebellion Additional Materials
  27. Creating an Empathetic Child Additional Materials
  28. Bed Time Issues Additional Materials
  29. On Line Safety Additional Materials
  30. Encouragement vs. Perfection Additional Materials
  31. Teaching Children to be Respectful  Additional Materials
  32. Taming My Child’s Emotional Meltdowns  Additional Materials
  33. Talking With Your Child About Bullying  Additional Materials
  34. Helping Your Child be a Real Friend  Additional Materials
  35. The Selfish Child: How do I handle my child wanting more?  Additional Materials
  36. My Child and Technology in the home  Additional Materials
  37. Dads & Daughters   Additional Materials
  38. Parenting from a United Front   Additional Materials