Mask Update

Because we are always doing our best to keep a safe and healthy environment at the Forest Lake Church, we continue to stay aware of what is happening with COVID. As the Omicron variant positivity rate begins to ramp up (Centra Care is up to almost 40% over the weekend), we wanted to encourage those of you with pre-existing conditions to use an abundance of caution which may include worshiping online. Thanks to technology, we are blessed to have a wonderful livestream that will help all stay connected to the church family.
For those of you that feel comfortable worshiping in-person, we are asking that you partner with us by choosing to wear a mask while indoors at the church. We all join you in hoping that this variant, and the pandemic in general, is on its last leg but we need to all continue to work together to keep each other safe.
Thank you for giving grace and having patience as we do our best to lead through it all.