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Snapshots - Book reviews

Snapshot includes a one paragraph summary of a parenting book, three to four great points from the book, and a link for you to buy the book if you want to read more. Click on the individual book below for the review.

  • Better Dads, Stronger Sons, How Fathers Can Guide Boys to Become Men of Character
  • Author: Rick Johnson Unashamedly presents a Biblical view of fatherhood and what it means to raise a son to be a man of Godly character. Each one of the powerfully crafted chapters guides fathers toward a renewed vision of who they are and who they need to become as a father. A perfect book to go through with other men in your church or as a reflective personal read.

  • Talking with Your Kids about God, 30 Conversations Every Christian Parent Must Have
  • Author: Natasha Crain

    The most important thing a parent can do is to have spiritual conversations with their children. There are

    no quick tips or easy answers to be a better parent in this book, just a straight forward approach

    to spur families on to 30 of the most power conversations parents can have with their children.

  • Why I Didn’t Rebel A 22 Year Old Explains Why She Stayed on the Straight and Narrow and How Your Kids Can Too Author: Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach
  • The book is filled with personal stories and common sense advice that any parent will appreciate.

    She starts this book by sharing her own painful experience in her church’s youth ministry that frames some of her book’s standpoints.

  • The Teen’s Guide to Social Media & Mobile Devices
  • 21 Tips to Wise Posting in an Insecure World

    Author: Jonathan McKee

    While this book’s title includes the word “teen” in it, this is a book for more than just teens. This book is a great book to be read together with parents of late elementary and middle school students. He provides tips that are just a couple quick pages that can be easily read. The tips are spelled out clearly with highlighted headings and often concise bullet points. Each of the tips ends with on-point “questions to ponder” and “something to think about” that can easily create discussion and conversation with parents.

  • “Lead Your Family Like Jesus” Authors: Ken Blanchard, Phil Hodges, & Tricia Goyer
  • If you read just one parenting book this needs to be it! It is one of the clearest and most thorough guides for modeling Christ in the home in recent years. While there are many good parenting books, based on opinion or research, this book takes its lead straight from the life of Christ and connects it to parental leadership in the home.

  • The Bully Phenomenon , Breaking the Cycle
  • Author: Dwayne Ruffin

    The Bully Phenomenon is a book written to elevate awareness about the growing trend of bullying among student of all ages. This book is written with an insightful eye on research and wise ear listening to our culture. It is created as a resource for teachers, parents, clergy, community leaders and beyond. This book is a challenge for anyone working with students about what continues to be going between young people, even during continued adult world media coverage and cultural conversations on the topic.

  • “He’s Almost a Teenager Essential Conversations to Have Now” Authors: Peter & Heather Larson, David & Claudia Arp
  • This book takes parents through the tween transition of boyhood.

    Written from the heart of parents to other parents sharing the 8 foundational conversations that every parent should be having with their maturing son.

  • “She’s Almost a Teenager :Essential Conversations to Have Now. “Authors: Peter & Heather Larson, David & Claudia Arp
  • This is more than just another book about having “the talk” or a survival guide for the tween years with your daughter. This book is an informative and fun book about all the big conversations that parents need to have with their daughter before they head into adolescence. While targeted at the parents of pre-teens, this book is a helpful book for all parents with young daughters.

  • Are My Kids on Track? The 12 Emotional, Social and Spiritual Milestones Your Child Needs to Reach. Authors: Goff, Thomas, Trevathan
  • Parents always want to know if their children are on track with others their age. This new book is an insightful guide to give parents much needed guidance through the emotional, social and spiritual milestones children should be experiencing. The three authors share their years of wisdom and depth of knowledge, while offering practical advice.

  • Help My Kids Are Viewing Pornography Author: Tim Challies.
  • This short but powerful 64 page “mini-book” from the “Help” series of books is a must have for parents and pastors in our sex and porn saturated culture. Kids and teens are growing up in a world where the questions for parents is not “if” my child views pornography but “when”! The goal of this book is to give parents the right understanding, theology and tools to guide their children through the harmful effects of pornography

  • 52 Ways to Connect with Your Smart Phone Obsessed Kid How to Engage with Kids Who Can’t Seem to Pry Their Eyes from their Devices Author: Jonathan McKee
  • Whether you have young children watching their favorite cartoon on Netflix or older children constantly texting and updating their social media feed, this is an amazingly helpful book. Each of the 52 short sections includes personal stories, helpful thoughts, hints, and end with challenging questions for parents to ponder. The book also ends with a section called “52 Creative Sets of Questions to Ask Your Kids in These 52 Venues.” This final section is written to help parents take the next steps to enable connections.

  • If I Had a Parenting Do Over 7 Vital Changes I’d Make; Author: Jonathan McKee
  • Coming out in early February is an honest and revealing book from well-known parenting author and speaker Jonathan McKee. If I Had a Parenting Do Over is an open and humble look into his personal parenting misses and missteps in order to help parents do a better job the first time around. This is an outstanding read for parents with children of any age, but especially helpful for those parenting late elementary through the teenage years. It is sure to be something parents will enjoy reading and want to share with other parents as well.

  • Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World
  • How One Family Learned that Saying No Can Lead to

    Life’s Biggest Yes, Author: Kristen Welch

    Kristen Welch, teaches parents how to change the story of the

    normal American family. Leading by example and experience,

    she writes a much-needed book and a wake up call to parents

    about how to live differently in the midst of a culture that is

    teaching children they never have enough. A mix of testimony,

    practical wisdom and challenge, parents are taken on a journey to a better way to raise children free from entitlement.

  • Managing Your Family’s High-Tech Habits Authors: Arnie Cole, Pam Ovwigho, Michael Ross This is a helpful resource that
  • marries the best of God’s Word with the latest research in order

    to help families break the technology addiction that is plaguing so

    many homes. This book includes practical help, a self-evaluation,

    and straight-forward advice. It covers a wide variety of topics while

    also bringing it all back the spiritual heart of the matter, God’s

    word. It is a great tool for families, churches, and pastors.

  • 10 Secrets to Becoming a Worry-Free Mom Author: Cindi McMenamin. Moms are known to worry. Raising children can be stressful and full of anxious moments. 10 Secrets to Becoming a Worry-Free Mom is a hopeful guide to some simple secrets to truly letting go of the worry, stress, and anxiety of being a mom, in order to let God, the perfect parent, take over. A great read for new moms or veteran moms. This is a perfect book to be used in a mom’s book club or a church group study.
  • Twenty-One Habits of Highly Functioning Families Author: Terry Cagle It is a helpful and insightful book to assist families who want to function well as a family and develop Godly habits in their home. Each chapter ends with helpful and often fun questions to get families talking about their habits and share their daily lives.
  • The DNA of D6, Building Blocks of Generational Discipleship, Author: Ron Hunter Jr. The DNA of D6 is a simple handbook and beginner’s guide to the philosophy and strategy behind generational discipleship at the heart of the family-ministry movement.
  • Practical Family Ministry by Timothy Jones and David Trentham is more than just a book by two experts in the field of family ministry, but rather a collection of contributors from all over sharing their best family ministry ideas, advice and hints.
  • How You Always Meant to Parent A refreshing and inspired book about Christ-center parenting in a world of child-centered and parent-centered families. Brian Housman, author of numerous parenting books, unashamedly speaks to the heart of the matter-God’s process, design, and plan for wholeness and holiness in parenting children.
  • Bold Parenting -Raising Kids to be More than Just Rule-Keepers, Long-time youth ministry veteran and author, Lars Rood, takes on the challenge of parenting in a post-Christian world with this insightful book. The book is a short and very easy to read book that every Christian parents, no matterwhat age their children, should give a read. Just under 100 pages long this book is a challenge to parents to live out and pass on faith that is more than religion.
  • In This House We Will Giggle, is a refreshing and fun book by Courtney Defeo. In very practical and creative ways this books guides parents through a life filled with true joy in Christ, that leads also to experiencing overwhelming joy and laughter in our homes. Written to line up the 12 chapters with the 12 months of year, this book becomes a year long journey full of discussions, memory verses, fun suggested activities, and even catch phrases to quote throughout the month. Spread throughout the book there are also 60 completely silly “bring out the giggles” activities that younger children in a family will be sureto love.
  • Becoming A Spiritually Healthy Family Michelle Anthony is
  • the Vice President and Publisher of Learning Resources at David

    C Cook. She is an author, speaker and leader in parent and family

    ministry. In her newest book she writes a more than just another

    parenting book but a guidebook to allowing God to write and direct

    the story the abundant life for your family in a dysfunctional


  • Praying Circles Around Your Children by Mark Batterson
  • In his usual style, Batterson makes an authentic prayer life

    accessible and purposeful for parents, in this easy-to-read, but

    powerful guide to being a praying parent.

  • Busy & Blessed by Chuck Thompson
  • In this short book, he offers up his own spiritual journey and his

    10 step process to go from being a busy and overwhelmed parent

    to find a place of being a more peaceful, blessed parent each day.

  • 30 Days to Taming Your Kid’s Tongue by Deborah Smith Pegues
  • Offers the basics of positive communication through to

    successfully handing negative communications habits.

  • WHEN WORK AND FAMILY COLLIDE: Keeping Your Job From Cheating Your Family by ANDY STANLEY
  • Home Improvement by Turansky and Miller- This book is more than just a parenting book. It’s a tool that parents can use with their child. Each chapter is divided into two parts. The first part is a fiction story about a family who experiences problems and then learns a new tool. Parents can read this section to their child and it will present family issues from the parent’s perspective..
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