Church family! I am so blessed to be a part of all that is going on here at Forest Lake! It really is a blessing to serve and lead with such great pastors and leaders. They make leadership more enjoyable during challenges.

On Monday evening, AdCom met for our regular meeting. One of the agenda items was to talk through our response to the COVID spike that is increasing in our immediate area. On Monday, we affirmed the stance that our church has made since the beginning, and we voted to continue following CDC guidelines. Well, on Tuesday, CDC changed their guidelines to include wearing masks indoors regardless of if you have been vaccinated or not.
While I know that we are ALL tired of wearing masks, for the foreseeable future, masks will be required while inside buildings on our campus. Aren’t you totally over COVID? I am too! And while I know that each of us has a different perspective and viewpoint about COVID and everything else, I’m thanking you in advance for giving all of us grace.

I know that God is moving in this church, and while we don’t know the future, we know the One that knows the future. I trust Him and can’t wait to see what He does at Forest Lake! I’m praying for you!

Pastor Matt