Activities & Signups

  • Offering Helpers

    Club children help the deacons take up the offering the first Sabbath of each month at all three services. 

    Full dress uniform is required.

    Click here to signup. 

  • induction

    The induction is a  ceremony that signifies a commitment for new members, as well as, returning members, to dedicate themselves to the Lord.  

    • This will take place on Sabbath, September 7 at 4:00 in the church sanctuary.  
    • This is a required meeting for all club members and parents.  Full dress uniform is required.  
    • Please see main schedule for details of this meeting. 
  • bike ride

    • This outing on October 5 at 1:30 is a required honor and fun meeting held off campus at Sanlando Park, 401 W. Highland Street, Altamonte Springs, Fl 32714  Pavilions 2 & 3
    • Helmets are required for those riding bikes.  
    • Lunch is provided for those who registered by Wednesday, October 2.  . If you did not register please join us and bring your own lunch.   
    • Bring chairs or blankets to sit on and bug spray, sun screen and bottled water for your ride. 

    The Sunflower honor will be taught.

  • Outreach project

    We will be partnering with Family Ministries to supply a Thanksgiving dinner for 6 families in our neighborhood community,  Each division will have a list of items that will be brought to the November 14 meeting.  

    There will also be opportunity for individual families to adopt a child for Christmas and purchase the requested gifts.  

  • campout - camp kulaqua

    Camp Kulaqua ,   23400 NW 212 Ave. | High Springs, FL 32643

    Remember to bring: 



    Bikes & HELMETS

    Bug Spray

    Bottled Water to drink

    Dinner for Friday night

    Linens & bathroom towels for those in mini lodges & rustic cabins


    SMILES :) 

    Reservation/Accommodations List click here

    Camp Schedule Click here

    This is a yearly exciting event for our club!  We love Camp Kulaqua and will be going on the weekend of November 8-10.  Registration is required and will take place at the club meetings.  The  Listening,  BonesOwls  honors will be taught.

    PAYMENT LINK CLICK ON THE LINK, SCROLL THE PAGE TO FIND THE ACCOMMODATIONS YOU SIGNED UP FOR, CLICK TO PAY.  PLEASE SEND CONFIRMATION TO OUR  You can not pay if you have not made previous arrangements/reservation for accommodations. 

  • Park Outing

    This outing on Sabbath, March 7 is a required honor and fun meeting held off campus at TBA

    Bring a picnic lunch and the club will provide drink & dessert.

    Bring chairs or blankets to sit on and bug spray, sun screen and bottled water for your family. 

    The Shark or Ladybug honor will  be taught.   

  • Adventurer Church Service PARTICIPATION

    This will take place on Sabbath, March 28 at all 3 worship services.  The children will participate in singing the Adventurer & theme song as well as sharing the pledge and law.  

    Sign up to participate here!  FULL DRESS UNIFORM

  • investiture

    Investiture is the final program of the year acknowledging the accomplishments of the children in each division of the club.   It will be held on Sabbath, April 18 at 4:00 in the church sanctuary. Full dress uniform is required.